17 May 1966: Relocation of HYDRA Relay and Radio Centre

This proposal outlines plans to move HYDRA to Rockcliffe in three phases, to take place over a period of about 4 months. The reasons for abandoning the move to Carp are unclear. Reference is made to a report, CS 2723-2, which found that the move to Carp was “impracticable for a number of reasons.” Planners also noted that HYDRA had been a very “personalized” service. The rest of the proposal is technical in nature, involving space and circuit concerns at Rockcliffe. A list at the end indicates that HYDRA circuits are to be reterminated at Rockcliffe.   

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Fixed Communications - Hydra Telegraph Relay System - Relocation of Hydra - Plans and Policy, RG24, S-2723-2, Vol. 2, Library and Archives Canada (LAC)