09 September 1965: HYDRA System Problems

Issues continued to arise. In this letter from to V.J. Habberfield (U.K. Government Signal Planning Staff), Finch notes that in the shift from manual torn-tape to automatic switching in the STRAD, the HYDRA system has had to conform to ACP 127C message procedures (a military communications operating procedure used by NATO allies) for traffic flow and training reasons. This is no matter, Finch reasons, as U.K. government and military communications facilities will also soon be integrated in such a manner.

Further, Finch notes that because “no one authority had direct jurisdiction over the various centres or tributaries and the relay centres, there seems to be no laid down overall permitted handling time for the various message precedences.” Finch suggests that an agreement on handling speeds be reached, and attaches an extract from the Canadian Army speed of service standards.

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Fixed Communications - Hydra Telegraph Relay System - Relocation of Hydra - Plans and Policy, RG24, S-2723-2, Vol. 1, Library and Archives Canada (LAC)