25 November 1957: Report on Bi-conical Sector and Alto Antenna Array

In addition to on-site visits, there were also numerous exchanges of information between the British and the Canadians on technical matters related to the HYDRA network. Here, G. Hyde (Commanding Officer of Leitrim) forwards documents on an antenna array for the information of E.G.N Bremner (Attache, British Embassy, Washington), who had recently toured the Leitrim facility. Note that the “top-secret” nature of HYDRA and Canadian intelligence is also alluded to here: Hyde asks that Col. Peck (Director, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals) advise Bremner that the documentation in question contains reference to Canadian COMINT.

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Hydra Communications - Policy, RG24, 1250-36 Vol. 1, Library and Archives Canada (LAC)