12 October 1960: Leased Landline Circuits Priority of Restoration

A revised list of priorities of restoration for HYDRA circuits was issued by W.E. Grant (RC Sigs) a few months later. Here, 5 HYDRA circuits are identified as being “of sufficient importance to warrant a high national priority,” which “may be higher than the priority that can be assigned by the Services.” These 5 circuits are the cable link between London and Leitrim, The Bell telephone line between Ottawa National Defence Headquarters and Leitrim, the Bell telephone line between the CIA and Leitrim, and a telegraph and telephone line from Oshawa to Leitrim. Collectively, these are most likely the “Alerts” circuits.

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Hydra Communications - Policy, RG24, 1250-36 Vol. 1, Library and Archives Canada (LAC)