17 November 1965: Relocation of HYDRA Working Group- Procedure for Cutover Telegraph Relay Operations

At the fifth meeting, a working group was created to develop procedures for the cutover from Leitrim to Carp. In November 1965, the working group released their proposed procedures, outline in this document. Cutover was to take place in 3 phases, with operators receiving instruction on the STRAD in the first phase, monitoring of traffic and procedural errors to take place during the second phase, and the actual cutover (which would take 72 hours) to take place in the third phase.

At this point, military planners seemed prepared to take HYDRA underground.   

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Fixed Communications - Hydra Telegraph Relay System - Relocation of Hydra - Plans and Policy, RG24, S-2723-2, Vol. 1, Library and Archives Canada (LAC)