1955-1958: HYDRA Line Diagram

This line drawing further indicates new growth in the HYDRA network in the 1950s. The main hub of the network had shifted to the Ottawa Traffic Center at Leitrim. Within Canada, The OTC was connected to the Rideau Annex (the second headquarters of the CBNRC), External Affairs, and the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff, and the U.K. High Commissioner in Ottawa. On the American side, the OTC had connections to NSA headquarters in Arlington, the CIA in Washington, the CJS in Washington, the British and Canadian embassies in Washington, and British and Canadian delegations in New York. OTC was linked to London via a transatlantic cable, and an additional radio-teletype link was maintained between Oshawa and London as well.  

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Hydra Communications - Policy, RG24, 1250-36 Vol. 1, Library and Archives Canada (LAC)