25 November 1953: The Source

The mystery of the Canadian source mentioned in the Hoover letter is solved when a copy of a 1946 telegram from Peter Dwyer, a senior Privy Council Office adviser, is found. Dwyer informs the FBI of the “foregone conclusion” which is Harry Dexter White’s appointment to the IMF. He also notes that it is a “quite normal thing to tip off the FBI,” but the Hoover letter nonetheless has inaccuracies and unfairly attributes information to Canadian sources which could not have come from Dwyer’s telegram. As well, this message states that “the only security information the Canadian authorities ever possessed on White came from American sources.”

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Secretary of State for External Affairs to High Commissioner for Canada, London, 25 Nov. 1953, LAC, RG 25, vol. 8561, file no. 50303-40, part 1.1.