15 August 1957: Recommended Canadian Response

This set of documents includes information provided to Diefenbaker regarding a response to the US note. It includes the official statement of response, which is short and simply states that “I am glad that a reply has now been received to the Canadian Note. This is a matter which will naturally require very careful consideration.” Also attached is the official press release which states “it seems evident that the directive given US agencies concerning their procedures in handling the security information is consistent in substance with the assurance Canada has sought.” Finally, included in the package is a draft of the official response which includes the statement that the Canadian government is “aware of the fact that effective improvements have been made in recent years . . . and notes with the pleasure that the United States government is willing to continue with consultations.” There is a clear sense of relief that the United States has finally responded to the April 10 note, and they are now waiting for the Prime Minister’s approval of the official response.

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Memorandum for the Prime Minister, 15 Aug. 1957, LAC, RG 25, vol. 8561, file no. 50303-40, part 1.1.