24 May 1957: Washington to Minister

These two messages from the Canadian Ambassador together describe the US draft reply to the 10 April note, shared privately in advance. The contents of the US response are still vague with no direct reference to Herbert Norman or acknowledgment of faulty handling of Canadian information. Instead, the US response will focus on platitudes stating “the importance with which [the State Department] attaches to the friendliest relations with Canada.” The note also states that the assurances sought by the Canadians “are consistent with the present practice.” Although the Americans, it seems, would not be receptive to changes in the contents of the note, the timing of the reply is open for debate. The Canadians prefer that the United States send a reply within two or three weeks but also feel that the current draft is not satisfactory.

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Washington to External Affairs, ‘‘Reply to Note Concerning Exchange of Personnel Security Info,’’ 24 May 1957, LAC, RG 25, vol. 8561, file no. 50303-40, part 1.1.