"Canadair CL-28 Argus Mk.2 [philatelic record]," Credit: Library and Archives Canada; Copyright: Canada Post Corporation.

The documents contained in this briefing book are Department of National Defence cables from the Cuban Missile Crisis and its aftermath.

The cables span from October 23, 1962, to December 20, 1962, and include messages from the Canadian Joint Staffs in Washington and London and other message traffic between various headquarters and commanders.

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The briefing book includes stand-alone documents that address unique issues, as well as several documents on Canada’s role in Maritime Patrol — as well as the cost and other difficulties that came with increased flying hours.

This particular group of cables is drawn from a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) volume, from the Department of National Defence fonds at Library and Archives Canada. It is not an exhaustive collection of all DND cables but only those found in this particular archival series. 

This archival volume was titled “International Affairs – Caribbean Crisis,” and it also includes Department of External Affairs message traffic, the briefing book for which can be found here. 

A table of all the cables in this briefing book can be found here.