28 May 1957: First Draft

The first draft of the Concept document is prepared by the JPC. At this point it does not include any recommendations and needs to be reviewed by the CSC. The main point under consideration is the role that the military will play in the event of a major war with the Soviet Union. The main perceived threat is from aerial bombers carrying nuclear weapons and submarines, and they plan to allocate forces accordingly. There is also the consideration of the defence of Europe which is under threat from Soviet ground troops. The issue of civil defence is in the care of civil authorities, and it is envisioned that the army will provide assistance in policing and maintaining order which will gradually be taken over by a civilian militia. Appendix A of this document outlines the “conditions in Canada during the first phase” and the projected damage and loss of life means that the priority is on survival.

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Draft report to the Chiefs of Staff Committee by the Joint Planning Committee, 28 May 1957, Library and Archives Canada (LAC), RG 25, vol. 4903, file no. 50115-P-40, part 3.