9 February 1953: Foulkes Letter

Foulkes writes to Wilgress, responding to Heeney's telegram on creating a global strategy at NATO. Foulkes notes that although a “looser type of regional arrangement” was once generally preferred, he now supports the formation of “a Standing Group located in Washington […] dealing with global strategy and planning and responsible for the co-ordination of regional plans within it.” Foulkes argues that the best way to involve NATO would be to have the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff brief NATO members on an annual basis. Through informal conversations with Omar Bradley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Foulkes determines that an annual briefing would be possible.

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Foulkes to Wilgress, 9 Feb. 1953, LAC, RG 25, vol. 4903, file no. 50115-P-40, part 2.