22 September 1952: Pearson Memorandum

Pearson’s memo describes tensions between the British and American positions on NATO strategy. Pearson notes “a very real difference of opinion between the United States […] and the European members of NATO […] as to the need for an even greater defence buildup in 1953.” William Draper, US Ambassador to NATO, said during talks that the reassessment of the effect of “new [atomic] weapons” on the necessary level of NATO land forces would not be ready for the 1953 NATO Annual Review, to the dismay of UK persons present. Pearson also offers his personal comments on the inconsistent reasoning behind the UK’s push to participate in strategic atomic bombing.

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"Memorandum by Mr. Pearson Regarding Talks in London and Paris on NATO Defence Programmes and Strategy," 22 Sept. 1952, LAC, RG 2, vol. 223, file no. I-60-1.