25 September 1952: Canadian Comments

In a letter to Claxton, Foulkes outlines the disagreements between the US and UK on global strategy and Canada’s position in relation to its two allies. The Chiefs of Staff largely agree with the American position on most issues (e.g. the risk of war with the USSR; a report on the Canadian assessment is attached). Foulkes also reports on the origins of the strategic reassessment being conducted by the US: the UK requested the reassessment to justify proposed military policy changes. Despite the fact that the reassessment will not be available for the 1953 NATO Annual Review, Foulkes reports that the UK will raise their proposals there anyway. In response to the Ismay paper (a report on which is also attached), Foulkes also expresses concerns about the strategic implications of NATO overextending its reach.

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Canada. Privy Council Office. Canadian Comments on U.K. Paper on "Global Strategy and Defence Policy." 25 September 1952. Record Group 2, file no. I-60-1, dossier no. 1952. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa.