Disposal of Dead Cover Image.png

Cover page for a file folder titled "Survival Planning Disposal of the Dead", which is available in CDWB00286.

The following small collection contains documents from 1961 to 1962 pertaining to procedures for the “Disposal of the Dead” in case of nuclear war. The file was created in response to a letter Harry F. Jones, Esq., an M. P. from the House of Commons, and includes letters from R. B. Bryce, Clerk of the Privy Council, and R. B. Curry, Director of Emergency Measures Organization.   

The correspondence suggests that the Government of Canada recognized its plans for the disposal of bodies in the event of nuclear war were out of date. While Curry and Bryce both suggested there were efforts underway to re-write plans for an era of more powerful weapons – and thus more numerous bodies in case of war – it is not clear if the plans were ever updated.