Reagan's Victory: What does it Mean for Canada?

One day after Reagan’s landslide victory over Jimmy Carter, a memo for Under Secretary Allan Gotlieb originally drafted by J.H. Taylor of External Affairs USA Division, with McGuigan as the intended audience outlines the imposition of a moratorium on policy initiatives until the new administration took office. With Congress always a factor in American politics, especially on issues affecting Canada, Taylor notes how the Republican accession of the Senate, and the likely conservative tilt in the House of Representatives will affect relations, particularly by personnel changes in key committees. The memo emphasizes the immediate concerns over bilateral issues such as fisheries, the environment, trade and Ottawa’s new National Energy program.

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J.H. Taylor, External Affairs USA Division, 5 Nov. 1980, Library and Archives Canada, RG 25, vol. 28698, file 20-1-2-USA pt 61.