Canadian Intelligence Activities in Vietnam


This briefing book includes documents cited in Timothy Andrews Sayle's "'But the Story Was True': A Research Note on Canadian Intelligence Activities in Vietnam," published in the Canadian Historical Review.

The documents on the left hand side of this page correspond with the Canada Declassified identifiers in the article's footnotes.

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Article abstract:

Recently declassified records reveal new information and confirm old assumptions about Canadian intelligence activities in Vietnam during the 1950s and 1960s. These records are now available online at Canada Declassified. This research note describes the new evidence and considers its implications for existing historiography regarding Canada and the International Commission for Supervision and Control and Canadian policy towards the American war in Vietnam. It suggests new opportunities for research on Canadian intelligence activities during the Cold War. More broadly, the note responds to the discussion in the Canadian Historical Review’s December 2015 issue (volume 96, number 4) regarding the future study of Canada’s diplomatic history and international action by suggesting that Canadian intelligence activities should be considered by scholars crafting narratives of Canadian international history.

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Canadian Intelligence Activities in Vietnam