Secret Envelopes


Credit: Paul E. Tomelin/Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/PA-133340 -- Restrictions on use: Nil -- Copyright: Government of Canada

The records in this briefing book form part of the Department of External Affairs' "War in Korea" file (RG25, 50069-A-40).

While most of the archival records from the 84 folders of this file were already open to resaerchers in Ottawa, some secret records had been withdrawn and kept in separate envelopes, unavailable to researchers. 

The Access to Information request that led to the release of the secret envelopes (and the records in this briefing book) was made in hopes of ensuring all records of 50069-A-40 would be open to researchers. 

The secret envelopes are now open, although you will notice the Government of Canada still restricts access to some records more than 70 years old.

Secret Envelopes