RCMP Special Branch Lectures

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The Special Branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was established in 1950 (and renamed the RCMP Security Service in 1970).

The No. 1 Special Branch Class was held at Headquarters in Ottawa from July 13-22, 1953.

The Officer-in-Command of Special Branch in 1953, Superintendant J. R. Lemieux, directed that the lectures that had been given to the class be collected and printed. He hoped this would serve "as a general guide for future classes and to provide a convenient reference."

There were 17 lectures given to the class. Only 8 have been declassified, some only in part. A single page of Lecture 15 has been opened. The open lectures are published below.

The files, stored in Library and Archives Canada, RG146, volume 5873, Part 1, "Brief - Talks deliveryed to Special Branch Class 1953-07-13 to 1953-07-22," Wallet 1, were requested by an unknown requester and released as ATIP Release Package A-2013-00622.

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A list of the lectures.

RCMP Special Branch Lectures