JTF 2 (The Early Days)

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Tim Sayle introduced this collection here.

According to the Government of Canada, Joint Task Force 2 is "is an extremely high-readiness and precise special operations forces unit. JTF 2 exists to protect the Canadian national interests and combat terrorism and threats to Canadians at home and abroad."

The records below include information about what must be some of the first selection and training courses for potential JTF 2 members. They date from 1992 (JTF 2 is often described as being created in 1993).

This PDF release pacakage has been sanitized by Library and Archives Canada to remove the SIN of selectees. These sanitiziations are in grey. Canada Declassified has further redacted these files to remove the last names of selectees.

This file folder is part of the central registry records of 3 Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, held at Library and Archives Canada.

These are among the first - possibly the first - JTF 2 historical records declassified by the Government of Canada.

UPDATE: In autumn 2023, Library and Archives Canada released a new file with details about the decision to double the size of JTF 2 after 9/11. The documents are below. Tim Sayle discussed them here

A-2022-10024 - Sanitized.pdf

"Joint Task Force 2," RG24-G-14-62, Accession 2003-01787-9, box 1, file 1901-3, part 1, Library and Archives Canada.

A-2023-00612 Release (dragged) 2.pdf

"Briefing for Minister CF Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Enhancement Project GO515," RG24, 2014-01289-X, box 2, MCU2003-00056, Library and Archives Canada.

JTF 2 (The Early Days)