Credit: Montreal Star / Library and Archives Canada / PA-129625.

In 2017, a requester filed an Access to Information Act request with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for "Copies of the 109 documents from the Soviet embassy revealed by Igor Gouzenko in 1945 and used during the Kellock-Taschereau Royal Commission of Inquiry."

In 2018, CSIS released 818 pages in response to this request.

Canada Declassified requested a copy of these files. The records were released as a single PDF file with no real indications of archival provenance. We have tried, to the best of our ability, to organize the released documents into tranches.

Gouzenko was referred to within the Government of Canada as "Corby." Several records refer to Gouzenko as "Corby" and several of the files are titled "The Corby Case."