NATO Exercises, 1952-1962

In the autumn of 1951, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization began conducting military exercises. These exercises served multiple purposes: They facilitated effective coordination among troops but also sent a robust message to the Soviet Union – showcasing a united, disciplined front against any potential threat.

The records in this briefing book come from the Department of External Affairs’ files on “NATO - Military, naval and air exercises,” and include documents from the 1950s and 1960s.

Close study of these records offers a nuanced understanding of NATO's formative years, marked by strategic manoeuvring, military prowess, and the geopolitical intricacies of the Cold War.

Flight deck of H.M.C.S. MAGNIFICENT during Exercise 'Mariner'.jpg

Flight deck of HMCS Magnificent during Exercise 'Mariner,' 1953. Louis J. LeBlanc/Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/PA-159579