Field Security in the Second World War


"Four members of the field security section of the 3rd Canadian Division are welcomed by two town residents." Photograph by Frank L. Duberville. Thaon, France. [1967-052 NPC] PA-133956, LAC.

This small collection contains records regarding Canadian Field Security Sections in the Second World War. Tim Sayle introduced these files here.

Incredibly, these documents from 1941-1944 remain closed to researchers until they were released under the Access to Information Act in March 2003. (Most other field security files from the war were already available at Library and Archives Canada.)

These files come from two separate RG 24 folders at Library and Archives Canada. One is titled "Internal Security Intelligence - Field Security Reports - Overseas" and the other "Field Security Intelligence - Generally." 

Files include weekly reports and more general files about Field Security.

The full release package is available here:

Field Security in the Second World War